Covid-19 update

Covid-19 update

LarioHotels strongly believes that we can continue to offer you our usual standards of luxury experience while implementing the highest level of safety regulations and hygiene measures.

While navigating the COVID-19 pandemic together, we must make some changes to our usual operations to ensure the most secure travelling experience.

In accordance to the government guidelines and with the help of experts and our experienced Executives, we devised a plan of mandatory requirements and best practices that will be in place in all our properties. 


Temperature checks and face masks will be required to enter the property; this applies to guests, staff members and suppliers.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout the property and within the rooms.

All LarioHotels properties will be completely sanitized, this includes bedrooms, communal areas, event spaces, as well as staff work areas.


Our staff members will be equipped with personal protective equipment to be worn at all times and trained on how to handle guests’ items and materials.

Our staff will be fully trained to resolve any type of question regarding safety and regulations and inform guests on all the measures that are being carried out.

We will ensure that a safe social distance of at least 1 mt. is maintained throughtout the hotel, with special attention on areas like the front desk and the restaurants.


We will review and adapt all operating procedures and ensure the highest level of food safety; single-use packaging and individual portions will be prioritized.

We will encourage guests to make reservations in advance; when the maximum number of people in bars and restaurants is reached, we will encourage the use room service as an alternative.


In our quest to innovate and equip our hotels with the best technology, we will implement an ‘ozone and mist disinfection system’ that allows us to purify the air.

We will also encourage the use of technology so that guests and check in and check out online.

We will implement the use of an application so that guests can remain informed on hygiene and safety protocols, have access to menus and reservations, as well as make queries in real time through a chat feature.